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Fireside Chat with CMO Jaime Punishill 
Your Questions About COVID-19 Communications Answered


Listen to CMO Jaime of Lionbridge as he answers your questions about the importance of working with a language provider with global scale.

Every crisis leads companies to re-examine their suppliers. This is why it is so important to understand the degrees of strategic resilience built into your partners’ delivery model.

With The Smart Crowd, our 1 million person strong network of trained and specialized experts that primarily work from home, a linked array of global delivery centers able to shift work from one location to another, and a strong, flexible workforce that can adapt to local conditions and still get the work done, Lionbridge is a partner you can rely on to absorb and adapt to whatever business conditions you face.

Register for this on-demand webinar and in just 30 minutes you will learn

  • Alternatives to normal workflows

  • A way to communicate sensitive messaging in a language all employees can understand

  • How fast content creation and translation turnaround time can benefit you during rapidly changing situations in crisis.


Jaime Punishill

Chief Marketing Officer

Fireside Chat with Jaime Punishill

Today’s customers have higher expectations when it comes to customer support and communication. They are looking for a partner that can meet their high standards for a positive experience in their preferred language —quickly and accurately. 

In an increasingly interconnected global network, the importance of providing exemplary customer and employee experience in any language, across any channel, cannot be overstated.

Join us on Thursday, February 27, 10am EST/4pm CST & in just 45 minutes, you’ll learn:

  • How to empower your agents to speak to anyone in any language.
  • How to customize these tools for a seamless multilingual experience.
  • What GeoFluent & Over-the-phone interpretation are and how they could benefit you.

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Arnie Koh
Senior Director Product Offerings,
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Ryan Erwin 
Channel Sales Executive,

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