The Strategic Shift: Localization’s Fast Track to Driving Greater Business Value
3 Steps to Get Your Localization Strategy Noticed
It’s time to make your move
Globalization creates an opportunity for savvy localization buyers to help their organizations beat competitors to market with truly global content. This is an exciting time—just a few strategic moves can launch your localization strategy as indispensable to your company’s globalization plans. In this guide, learn three steps you can take to build business value and get it noticed.
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So how do you make your case?
Today’s global customers have high expectations, preferring to do business with companies that speak their language. Localizing more content faster will help reach these people ahead of the competition with a better customer experience.
of the world doesn’t speak English, yet 57% of websites contain only English.
More than half
of Google searches are in languages other than English.
of internet users choose to visit websites in their own language if available.
What industry leaders are saying:
Don’t get left out of strategic decisions - localization should be key to any global organization’s strategy to learn how to shed your reputation as “just a cost of doing business” and become a strategic driver of revenue.
“Customer experience starts with great content, but it’s powered by the data. Today we have all these amazing touchpoints with consumers and are learning more about consumers than we’ve ever had the opportunity to in history. But the key part is making sure you can marry that content you’re delivering and building for all these different audiences with the data that’s designed to personalize their experience.”
Cody Crnkovich, Head of Platform Partners & Strategy, Adobe Marketing Cloud
“In order to connect with the world, you need to speak with them in their language. Without a quality translation solution, we are unable to deliver our best products to our valued customers. We’re responding to the demands of a highly engaged customer base, creating immersive, engaging, digital experiences, for our brand loyalists and fitness enthusiasts alike… accelerating the delivery of content and campaigns across markets to help build its global presence and reach more exercisers.”
Heather Sieker, EMEA Marketing Solutions Manager, Life Fitness
“The recommendation I would give to anyone is to first off think about your product. I think a lot of time, marketers think about the market—how we’re going to go to market and how we’re going to localize and translate. But at the Predictive Index, our products are all localized because they have to serve our global market.”
Drew Fortin, Vice President of Marketing, The Predictive Index
“Having a reliable translation partner made us think realistically about what we could achieve. Multilingual to us means providing a reliable, translated solution for the viewers. This also gives the in-country reps a site that they could handle. We’ve received a great response from both customers and partners. We’ve increased our brand awareness, boosted our Google search rankings, and can now drive better qualified leads to our sales teams specific to their particular region.”
Jim MacLeod, Director, Creative and Digital Marketing, Extreme Networks