A Marketer’s Guide to Global Customer Experience Management
The team, tools and processes needed to integrate customer experience and localisation.
Develop the framework you need to deliver global customer experience
To be effective, your global customer experience strategy must be done right. You need relevant tactics, impactful content, consistent global branding and, perhaps most important of all, efficient operations. After all, you have to show marketing ROI to prove your success. In this eBook, learn how to manage marketing localisation and maintain brand consistency while leveraging in-market expertise and ensuring seamless approval from all stakeholders.
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The complexity of global scale
As a marketer, you understand the importance of providing a seamless global customer experience. But with an increasing number of touchpoints, heaps of content and unique buyer behaviour in each market, it’s a huge undertaking. You need to:
Localise for maximum impact
84% of people are more inclined to purchase when information is presented in their language.
Maintain consistency in all markets
62% of companies centralise localisation management to provide a more consistent user experience.
Tailor your tactics by region
Only 36% of industry leaders say their model for expanding in new markets is scalable.
How do you manage it all?
With the right framework, you can enable strategic planning, streamlined global content production and synchronised communication across markets.
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