Have an Hour to Test. Where do I Spend it? How to Optimize Game Quality and Improve Testing Efficiency

On-Demand Event

Michael Friend, Senior Director of Global Testing, Lionbridge
Evan Wright, Data Base Manager, Lionbridge
Matthew Golz, Solution Architect, Lionbridge

Games are becoming increasingly complex, which in turn is intensifying testing complexity. How do you know what kinds of testing are worthwhile and what are inefficient? How do you know whether you are doing the right things to optimize quality?

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In this live 1-hour webinar games test directors/managers/leads will learn:

- Which 3 pieces of information will enable next level efficiency insights
- How to gather that data (with examples)
- How to use this information to influence your dev orgs (with examples) and how your team
  can best use their limited time.

Don’t get left behind. Deliver the gaming experience you envision, without compromise, to any global audience. Michael Friend, Evan Wright and Matthew Golz will show you a core testing service designed to help you create the right blend of quality and efficiency in your testing process.

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