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Multilingual Customer Support – Anytime, Anywhere, Any Language!

In today’s dynamic and digital era, almost all aspects of business, including customer care are conducted online. But consider this…72% of internet users are not native English speakers. What’s more, only 20% of non-English speakers are comfortable with English-only support.

We all know that consumers have more choices than ever, which is why providing the best customer experience possible – especially when it’s something as critical as support – is what will set you apart from competitors, create loyal customers and help ensure repeat business. 

And it all starts with speaking the same language as your customer. After all, if your customer can’t understand you and vice versa, then who are you really communicating with? And is anyone really benefiting?

As the leading translation company in the world working with over 800 brands, you can lean on Lionbridge as your trusted partner to elevate your organization into a multilingual support center.


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Lionbridge helps you overcome global communication challenges with translation solutions specifically designed for crucial customer touch points along the support lifecycle.

Online Community Translation
Provide a multilingual forum where users can share solutions to common problems. All content is translated on-the-fly, enabling all users to read and post content in their own native language. Learn more about GeoFluent Community.

Video Translation
Turn “how-to” videos, tutorials and demonstrations into a global training tool with professionally translated voice overs, subtitles and transcripts. A 3 day turnaround time ensures that your content is timely and up-to-date.

Document Translation
Translate user manuals, documentation on features and functions, and any other product and support related-content to benefit your worldwide customer base.

Online Chat Translation
Improve productivity and global reach of call center agents with a solution for multilingual chat. As agents engage in one language, the chat session is instantly translated into the preferred language of the user. Learn more about GeoFluent Chat.


eLearning Translation
Easily translate the content used for onboarding new customers and training customer service representatives, technical support engineers and sales. Export files directly from your eLearning system for easy hand off.

Email Translation
Ensure that all of your customers are receiving critical support notifications, information about new releases and bug fixes, and other time-sensitive content in their native language.

community Translation


Document Translation

Video Translation


email translation

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