Charting the Technological and Strategic Transformation of Procurement
ProcureCon's Latest CPO Study
A business-critical transition
The rising tide of procurement’s influence continues to elevate the role of the CPO, who has moved beyond the tactical to building more strategic, consultative relationships. As C-Suite leaders recognize their value, procurement teams have developed stronger alignment and appreciation within the business. What to do with this new empowerment is still in flux. In ProcureCon’s latest CPO study, learn how successful leaders are reshaping their organizations.
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It’s been a fulfilling year for the CPO.
Compared to results of the previous study, released in Q1 of 2017, this year’s data reflect a growing confidence and general maturity on the part of CPOs now settling into more influential roles.
of CPOs have adopted centralization, up from 11% in 2017.
report on-schedule strategic transformation, while 6% consider their transformation complete.
have aligned their goals with the business at large, a 5% increase over last year.