Global Innovation Symposium 2017
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The Human Element of AI: Language at the Core
At the 2017 Global Innovation Symposium, Lionbridge CMO Clint Poole was joined by a panel of four globalization experts—Mimi Hills, Director of Product Globalization at VMware; Katell Jentreau, Globalization Manager at Netflix; Anna Schlegel, Senior Director of Globalization at NetApp; and Alex Poulis, Global Program Director, Machine Intelligence, Lionbridge—to talk about new applications of artificial intelligence (AI) across the language industry. In case you missed this gold mine of information, a recording is now available to view.
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Key Takeaways from the Panel
Among all the different applications and challenges that AI and other technology innovations are having across business functions, one aspect is critical: language. Whether written or spoken, language is a complexity that needs to be addressed in all of these advancements. With that in mind, the panel shared insights on:
to technologies within organizations and how these impacted teams and processes.
how AI delineates customer experiences holistically across products and channels.
within emerging tech and how innovation will apply to localization in the future.
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A snapshot of the conversation
from industry leaders:
“With neural machine translation, the quality of the grammar is going to get better and the quality of the content accuracy may have a higher risk. We’ll keep moving quickly, but our translators and vendors are going to have to pay better attention to what they do because the risk of the accuracy is pretty critical. But [machine translation] allowing us to do faster work and keep up with our software development is a huge win.”
Mimi Hills,, Director of Product Globalization, VMware
“Our team is seeing the need to learn the language of data. Netflix is a very data-driven company, so A/B testing is not just something we talk about—it’s something done constantly on a global scale. We need to understand that when we have ideas and suggestions on how to improve the product, we can talk about it until we’re blue in the face but nobody will really listen until you have data.”
Katell Jentreau, Globalization Manager, Netflix
“NetApp isn’t hiring. I love my team, so why wouldn’t I train them? We’re constantly coming to conferences like this to open our minds, understand what’s coming, and train, train, train. The business itself is asking for more products, more software, AI, chatbots… that’s what we need to train ourselves on. So you need to train yourself on opportunity and go and find that.”
Anna Schlegel, Senior Director of Globalization, NetApp
“The skill of identifying opportunity is a very important one, but the skill of developing new skills is super important for us. We get totally new types of projects all the time, new types of data we need to handle... At the same time, we need to be able to put all these dots together, so we’re able to identify the next opportunity, so that we can keep replacing data types and project types that aren’t needed anymore with new ones that will help develop new functionalities.”
Alex Poulis, Global Program Director, Machine Intelligence, Lionbridge